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Photo Gallery - Maria Soares and other patients awaiting surgery

Photography by Robin Taudevin

Baby Maria and Family
Baby Maria with her father and mother in their Dili home, Apr 4 2006. Donations from Australia mean this baby can go to Australia for emergency surgery.
Maria's family and BPC worker
Virginia Dawson, a Bairo Pite coordinator, discusses with Maria's family about their upcoming trip to Australia.
Boni also needs a heart operation

There are many individuals in Timor-Leste who need life saving surgery.

Five year old Bonifacio has needed heart surgery since birth. Boni has regularly spent time in hospital. He doesn't go to school, as excitement might provoke heart failure. His father scrapes a living by collecting cans, and the child's illness is a major burden on the family's meagre resources.

Cipriano also needs a heart operation

Adults as well as children need life saving surgery.

Cipriano, 25, needs heart surgery that can only be performed overseas. He has had to stop school due to his heart condition. There is no possibility of help in Timor-Leste.

Jenita needs a tumour removed
Jenita has had a tumour growing on her spine since birth. She can stand if she holds onto something, but cannot walk on her own. The condition is inoperable in Timor-Leste.


Your donation can help these and other patients gain access to life-saving operations that are unavailable in Timor-Leste. Please DONATE today!


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