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ABC East Timor in Transition

ABC Radio transcipts

Accommodation in Dili

Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor  ASAP (formerly ASIET - Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor) is a network of activists around Australia who are building solidarity with and support for movements for social justice, genuine democratisation and self-determination around the Asia Pacific region. Get active - Join Action in Solidarity with Asia and the Pacific. Email us:

AidWatch Timor Campaign

Alola Foundation was established in 2001 to raise awareness locally and internationally about the problem of sexual and gender based violence as experienced by the women of East Timor. The Foundation works in direct partnership with indigenous East Timorese women's NGOs and groups promoting the interests of survivors of violence and their families. The name "Alola" derives from the case of a 15 year old East Timorese girl, Juliana dos Santos, who was brutally kidnapped in the violence of September 1999 by a militia leader who still holds her today in Indonesian West Timor. The Director of the Alola Foundation, Ms. Kirsty Sword-Gusmao, has been campaigning for the return of Ms. dos Santos, whose childhood nickname is "Alola". Today the Alola Foundation responds to a range of other needs of the women of East Timor. Our work in the areas of education and maternal and child health reflects the Alola Foundation's commitment to boosting the quality of life and living standards of the women of East Timor.

Arte Moris is the first ever fine-art school and associated community of artists in the Democratic Republic of Timor Leste. Arte Moris was founded in February 2003 by Swiss artist Luca Gansser, inter-cultural art coordinator Gabriela Gansser and a group of talented East Timorese youths who became the school’s first students of art. The original students have now become a core group of approximately 15 senior students who live and work at Arte Moris. In conjunction with the founders, the seniors share responsibility for the day-to-day running of the school such as teaching junior students, administration and organization responsibilities. Arte Moris now provides daily tuition for over 100 junior students from age 12 upwards who study under the tutelage of Luca Gansser, visiting international artists and senior students.

Asia Planet Net

Asia-Pacific Coalition for East Timor (APCET) was formed in 1994 after the first Asia-Pacific Conference on East Timor (APCET 1) in Manila. The APCET Secretariate is the Philippine-based Initiatives for Intl. Dialogue (IID) an NGO advocating solidarity between the nations and the peoples of the South. APCET has an ongoing "Justice for East Timor" (JET) campaign which will target the "masterminds" behind the crimes committed in East Timor from 1975 up to 1999. APCET supports the formation of an international tribunal for East Timor by the UN; or an peoples' tribunal to deliver justice to East Timor.

The Initiatives for International Dialogue (IID) implements its campaigns and lobby initiatives on East Timor through the Asia-Pacific Coalition for East Timor (APCET), of which IID is the secretariat. APCET is a network of local, national, regional and international organizations that are involved in solidarity initiatives on East Timor and was founded in 1994 after the watershed Asia-Pacific Conference in East Timor in Manila. APCET recognizes the unfinished character of the East Timorese people's struggle. Athough East Timor declared formal independence in May 20, the United Nations plans to maintain a support mission in East Timor that will take focus on stability, democracy and justice; internal security and law enforcement; and external security and border control over the next two years.

Australian Centre for International and Tropical Health and Nutrition (ACITHN) is the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing's flagship for tropical and international health and nutrition.

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Australian Foundation for the Peoples of Asia and the Pacific works to assist the peoples of Asia, the Pacific and Africa by supporting projects that are environmentally and economically sustainable, gender balanced and supportive of the integrity and self-determination of local communities. AFAP is an innovative overseas aid organisation based out of Sydney and making a positive difference to the lives of people throughout Africa, Asia and the Pacific. AFAP is a non-profit, non-religious organisation that was established in Australia in 1968 and incorporated in the state of New South Wales in 1983.

Australian Relief & Mercy Services Ltd ARMS is a Christian organisation acting as the mercy ministry arm of Youth With A Mission Australia and uses the international resources of YWAM to provide humanitarian relief and developmental assistance to those in need. ARMS has projects both within Australia and overseas. All the staff of ARMS are full time volunteers who give their services and expertise without charge. Their personal support comes through people who believe in the value of their ministry.

Australian Aid to East Timor The Auditor-General Audit Report No.20 2003–04 Australian Agency for International Development

Ausaid A slide show

Back Door East Timor Support Newsletter

Bairo Pite Support Network

St. Bakhita Centre at Eraulo offers the Timor Loro sa’e people, without prejudice, an opportunity for developing skills, experience and services to benefit individuals and their communities. The Bakhita Centre is seen as a place where people can come to share experiences and skills with others. This may involve and include people coming from other countries to share their skills, information and expertise with local and regional people from Timor Loro sa’e. The Bakhita Centre Project Bishop Belo's Office at the Diocese of Dili has provided this 4 hectare site to develop a Youth Centre and a permanent home for Leeuwin Care. The land overlooks Dili and the ocean and is well located for it's purpose with good access, a level site and proximity to residential areas. The Centre will be established as a showcase for appropriate and sustainable technologies and will include model tourism facilities for training East Timorese people in tourism related activities. The first stage of the project has been completed. An architect has visited East Timor to survey the site, meet the parties involved and assess local materials and skills. By the end of October, a site Master Plan, indicative budgets and a timeline of priorities will be completed. This is a project done in conjunction with Notre Dame University and the Edmund Rice Centre in Perth, WA.

Baucau: another front in East Timor war. By John Martinkus and Daniel Pedersen

Bibliography of East Timor by Robert Lawless. Material on East Timor is found in Portuguese, Dutch, French, Indonesia, Tetum, and English. Kevin Sherlock's 1980 A Bibliography of Timor is the most complete bibliography in several languages. The bulk of the historical writing is in Portuguese. Much of the contemporary writing is in English. This bibliography is limited to materials in English. Many of these materials come from Australia; until recently East Timor was ignored by scholars and the popular media in North America. One of the very few balanced accounts of the Indonesian invasion in the academic journals of the U.S.A. was my 1976 article on "The Indonesia Takeover of East Timor," which made the (fortunately!) inaccurate prediction, "It seems doubtful that the world will ever again have an opportunity to closely examine the struggles and sufferings of the Timorese."

Bouvet Assistance website The primary function of this website is to exhibit our photos, specialising in the developing world including East Timor

CAFIET Canadian Action for Indonesia and East Timor (CAFIET) is a national network for human rights in Indonesia, appropriate self-determination processes for West Papua and Aceh, and peaceful reconstruction in the formerly occupied country of Timor Lorosae (East Timor).

Caritas Dili

Centre for Disease Control travel information

Children of East Timor Sister Maria Lourdes Martin Cruz courageously and modestly supports people, primarily women and children, who live in fear of imprisonment, torture, rape, death and other violations of their human rights. She is striving to help these people to be aware of their dignity as human beings and improve the conditions in which they live. 

Christian Solidarity Worldwide - East Timor Trip Reports

Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation  Welcome to the website of the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor. Our objective is to provide information about the Commission and its work to interested observers and stakeholders, including the East Timorese community in and outside East Timor, governments, donors, media, academics, and the human rights community internationally. Last modified: January 12, 2003

Community Aid Abroad Since the Indonesian annexation of East Timor in 1975, Oxfam Community Aid Abroad has been active in its support for East Timorese self-determination and working for justice. This support has been through international advocacy and support to partner organisations based in East Timor. Last Updated March 2003

Compassion Australia

Dili Coffee Links and news as well as source of Timor coffee

Discover East Timor Timor Leste has truly begun its journey towards the future, out of the ashes of its past, and one of the most resonant statements that we hear over and over again from visitors is how lucky they feel to have come and seen for themselves just how amazing it is.  The simple fact is that you cannot find what is special in Timor Leste anywhere else in the world anymore. Everywhere has been “done”, traveled, marked and in many ways spoiled. The beauty of Timor Leste now is its potential, the real chance that it has for an amazing future, without the bias of negativity found so much elsewhere.  The combination of its history, spectacular scenery - both above and below water, a culture that is remarkably individual and a people that have seen so many changes in such a short time alone makes Timor-Leste a place that will appeal to everyone in many different ways. Isn’t it time you came and saw for yourself?!  Sean Ferguson-Borrel, Sept. 2004. A new site containing tourist accommodation, community information and more.

Dutch Portuguese Colonial History

East Timor Action Network/US  Regularly updated website of information on a variety of East Timor and Indonesian subjects.

East Timor Action Network web list A very comprehensive list of East Timor websites

East Timorese Cultural Centre The Cultural Centre has been established to support a wide range of cultural and artistic activities in East Timor. July, 2001

East Timor Community Assistance

East Timor Election website

East Timor Eye Project The ETEP team of optometrists and volunteers arrived in East Timor on 26 November 2001 to deliver much-needed eyecare. The advance Optometry team were joined by the Ophthalmology team on the 3rd December, who provided specialist ophthalmic treatment to patients in need. In total over a ten day period more than 1,500 people were seen, approximately 900 spectacles were provided and 60 people were operated upon for cataract surgery. Medications, kindly donated by Alcon International, were given at no cost to patients in need.

East Timorese Grassroots Organisations & Networks

East Timor Humanitarian Aid and Development Project The University of Notre Dame Australia is a Catholic University established in 1990. Through the Edmund Rice Centre, Notre Dame has become the first university in Australia to aid the people of East Timor at the grass roots level - an effort that has been warmly welcomed by the locals. Leeuwin Care is an aid organisation formed by a group of volunteers who met at the Leeuwin Barracks and were inspired by the courage of the East Timorese refugees staying there, particularly the children. The organisation is comprised of East Timorese expatriates and Australians who are dedicated to providing for the needs of orphans and families in the remote communities of East Timor. Leeuwin Care is dedicated to the vision of housing, health and education for the orphan children and to a safe and prosperous future for the emerging nation of East Timor.

East Timor National NGO Forum To contribute to the building of a pluralist, democratic, just and sustainable development, based on environmental principles, in East Timor through the development of a strong, independent and responsible civil society committed to upholding and making real in all sections of East Timor society, the full range of human rights that all East Timorese, particularly the vulnerable, can enjoy the liberation from domination and pursue development in East Timor forever free.

East Timor Observatory The aim of the Observatory is to monitor East Timor's transition process, as well as the negotiating process and its repercussions at international level, and the developments in the situation inside the territory itself.  Last updated 2001.

East Timor Press The official site of the East Timorese independent print news media

East Timor: Reconstruction By George Povey, MD

East Timor Relief Association In January 1992 the East Timor Relief Association (ETRA) was formed to provide resources to the East Timorese community in Australia, to effectively campaign about their cause in the wider world community and to raise funds for humanitarian relief efforts for East Timorese living under Indonesian occupation. Last Update: 08/05/02

East Timor Revisited After the Apocalypse by George Povey, MD

East Timor Students Association is a forum to facilitate discussions between East Timorese students in Australia, particularly in Victoria, and every other individual with interests in East Timor.

East Timor's Transitional Administration

EinNews East Timor 

ELDIS HEALTH SYSTEMS REPORTER Your monthly bulletin of essential health systems information. Visit the Health Systems Resource Guide at  to find out more. ELDIS is funded by Danida, Sida and NORAD, and hosted by the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, UK

Family Health International Formed in 1971, FHI is among the largest and most established nonprofit international public health organizations, managing research and field activities in more than 70 countries to meet the public health needs of some of the world's most vulnerable people.

Through her medical work as a volunteer Dr Colette Livermore provides a glimpse of everyday life, health and education in a remote East Timorese village. In one day in Fatulai Dr Livermore travels to the remote village of Fatulai to conduct a general medical and TB clinic. Fatulai is inaccessible during the wet season. She treats an elderly man for severe burns, sees many children with malnutrition and starts a number of children and adults on tuberculosis treatment. After the clinic she visits the village school where the children hug their one precious but tattered exercise book. While showing us the daily medical work of a volunteer doctor in East Timor one day in Fatulai also provides insight into daily life for many East Timorese, especially their health and education. This video from Ronin Films captures this day.

Fretilin Web Page

From Bullet wounds to Hospital Beds: The Impact of Healthcare Relief and Aid in East Timor. By Kerry Whittemore Villanova University, Villanova, PA B.A. 

Fund for East Timor The Fund for East Timor is a non-profit organization in the United States, founded to support the reconstruction and development of East Timor. Chaired by Nobel Peace Prize winner and Senior Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation José Ramos-Horta, and leading Presidential candidate Xanana Gusmao, the Fund for East Timor partners with Timor Aid and other established non-profit organizations to meet the critical needs of the country.

Genocide Prevention Center Our mission and duty is to take practical and necessary measures to prevent genocide. We monitor international hotspots for indicators of genocide using on- line sources as well as people and organizations on the ground in those locations. Using online sources and resources on the ground we compile evidence of genocide abuse and bring the evidence to government organizations and the media. Updated regularly

Glencoe Foundation The Glencoe Foundation has provided funds to Rotary Overseas Medical Aid for Children Inc. (ROMAC) to enable a child from East Timor to receive surgery at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.

Global Fund Observer The GFO Newsletter is an independent source of news, analysis and commentary about the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, and is emailed to subscribers once or twice a month. 

Go Asia Pacific East Timor: emerging nation

Governance transitions of East Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq - Australia's contribution. Senator Marise Payne Guest Lecture Series University of Melbourne October 2003.

Government of East Timor THE WORLD’S NEWEST DEMOCRACY. Occupying 24,000 square kilometres on the eastern half of an island in the Timor Sea between Indonesia and Australia, East Timor has a population of approximately 800,000 people. The official web site for the East Timor Government.

HAK Foundation The Foundation for Law, Human Rights and Justice is a non-governmental, non-sectarian, and non-profit organisation established on March 23, 1997. It was founded by a number of East Timorese young intellectuals and NGO activists in their interest for human rights. Before becoming what it is now, HAK Foundation was originally a legal aid office. Located in Balide, Dili, it provided legal aid for political prisoners and activists since early 1996. Indonesian language website with East Timor information and English languauge links to human rights information.

Health Alliance International: East Timor

The Humpty Dumpty Foundation of Royal North Shore Hospital Sydney, inaugural Dinner for East Timor’s Children raised more than $40,000, as well as a pledge of paediatric equipment from Royal North Shore Hospital, to upgrade facilities in the children’s ward of the Dili National Hospital. Kirsty Sword Gusmão has personally experienced the dire state of East Timor’s hospital system, providing her own mattress at the birth of both her children in her adopted homeland’s major hospital. During her dinner address she spoke of the extreme shortage of trained medical staff, the lack of facilities and equipment as well as the problems associated with isolated communities and diseases such as malaria which claim many young lives. “East Timor has the highest infant and maternal mortality rate in the Asian region and one of the highest in the world - 12% of East Timorese children don't reach their fifth birthday, a figure which is 200 times higher than Australia,” she said.  The Humpty Dumpty Foundation said the charity will host one major fundraising event for East Timor each year and is also looking at other fundraising initiatives to help the plight of the nation’s hospital system. 

Informação económica e social sobre Timor Leste A Unidade de Estudos Asiáticos (CEsA/UEÁsia) do CEsA- Centro de Estudos sobre África e do Desenvolvimento, o centro de estudos de desenvolvimento do ISEG-Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, tem vindo a desenvolver investigação sobre a evolução económica e social de Timor Leste. 18 de Fevereiro de 2003.

International Center for Transitional Justice Prior to the ICTJ's establishment, the Center's senior staff worked closely with East Timorese in 2000 and 2001 on the establishment of the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation. In four missions to Dili, they advised the UN Transitional Administration on the development of legislation to establish the commission and worked to ensure that the commission would complement efforts to prosecute persons responsible for serious crimes. In recent months, the ICTJ has helped to develop the work plan and preparatory activities for the commission, working with a local steering committee that includes strong representation from civil society, the Church, and key political parties. The ICTJ provided technical assistance as a regulation to establish the commission was debated by East Timor's National Council in early-to-mid 2001. The regulation was passed into law in July 2001. Updated 2003.

International Centre for Eyecare Education (ICEE) Work down to facilitate access for East Timorese to spectacles. In July 2004 the first two Timorese nurses (Joao da Cruz and Alito Soares) graduated from their training at LV Prasad Eye Institute in India and returned to Timor Leste to begin their eyecare work. They will take up their posts as eyecare nurses at facilities within the National Health System, and serve their predominantly rural communities of Lautem and Bobonaro districts, a combined population of approximately 120,000 people. People in their communities requiring eyecare will now be able to visit a fully equipped eye clinic for eye screening and refraction services provided by trained eyecare nurses - services which were previously unavailable. In addition, the nurses in each of the districts will undertake outreach activities and linkages with surgical services at the National Hospital. Equipping these clinics was made possible by financial support from the US based Silverton Foundation, and the ongoing collaboration between ICEE and the Ministry of Health in Timor Leste. The Ministry and ICEE are working together to establish a mechanism to enable necessary maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment to occur in the future. ICEE thanks the Silverton Foundation for its support of the development of eyecare services in Timor Leste. 

International Platform of Jurists for East Timor  Updated on January 1, 2003

International Red Cross - East Timor

Journalists' Guide to East Timor Consult journalists who have recently returned from East Timor. They can advise on protocol and what you may need to bring with you. There are limited resources in East Timor so do not expect to be able to buy everything you need when you arrive. 

Justice System Monitoring Programme JSMP was set up as an East Timorese NGO in early 2001. Through court monitoring, the provision of legal analysis and thematic reports on the development of the judicial system, and outreach and information dissemination, JSMP is committed to the ongoing evaluation and building of the East Timorese justice system.

Kids’ Ark - East Timor  Kid´s Ark is a project in East Timor that is sponsored by ARMS. It runs both a preschool and community health project, and is involved in outreach programs into nearby village communities. "I would like to share with you the vision God has for the children in East Timor gave me long ago, about having a house for children. The way He showed me this was through the story of Noah and the ark, and how He wants to use this house, the Kids’ Ark, as He used Noah’s ark (Genesis 6, 7and 8). The Ark: place of salvation, preservation for the next generation and hope for the future. God was going to bring judgment; the people in the ark will be the future - without those people, there would be no future.  The Kid´s Ark Community health clinic at Sidara near Hera, is run by a Brazilian nurse named Branca. The clinic is approved by the East Timorese Department of Health, but receives no medicines or resources from them.

Kirsty Sword interview August 2002

Welcome to Klibur Domin - an East Timorese Home at Tibar, 15 km. from Dili to care for  sick, disabled and displaced people. We have a community of permanent residents, patients from Dili Hospital and other medical facilities, relatives of patients, and live-in full time staff and their families. We also have volunteers from Australia to assist with the management and some of the maintenance and improvements. The Ryder-Cheshire Foundations in Australia assist with the ongoing financing of Klibur Domin.

Legends from Timor On the following pages, you can have a glimpse at Timor, as seen through the imagination of its people... and appreciate the extraordinary ability of the Maubere in merging imagination and reality, which has been, throughout the centuries, a characteristic of their every day life!  For example The crocodile that became Timor Letters From Timor

La'o Hamutuk (new site, August 2005) La'o Hamutuk (old site) is the Newsletter for Instituto ba Analiza no Monitor Rekonstrusaun Timor Lorosa'e. [The East Timor Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis Institut Permantauan dan Analisis Reconstruksi Timor Loro Sa'e.

Lonely Planet Guide to East Timor.

Malaria Foundation International Since 1992, the Malaria Foundation International (MFI) has raised public awareness and provided education about malaria. The MFI website is the gateway for malaria information and frequently serves as the on-line launching space for new malaria initiatives. A mass of malaria related links including one to

Preventing and Treating Malaria during Pregnancy Malaria during pregnancy can be prevented, reduced and managed with appropriate, low-cost interventions. Following the recommendation of the World Health Organization, the Maternal and Neonatal Health (MNH) Program promotes intermittent preventive treatment (IPT) and the use of insecticide-treated bed nets (ITNs) for prevention of malaria, and supports effective case management for treatment of malaria during pregnancy. The Maternal and Neonatal Health (MNH) Program is a USAID initiative aimed at saving the lives of mothers and newborns by promoting the use of skilled healthcare services. The Program works globally, as a leader and collaborator in setting international clinical standards and mobilizing the commitment of organizations and leaders to address maternal and neonatal health issues. The Program also works regionally and locally, throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Medical Aid East Timor Madison, Wisconsin Support Groups for East Timor. Welcome to the website of Madison's East Timor activism community. We're a network of projects — including the East Timor Action Network/ Madison, Medical Aid for East Timor, and the Madison- Ainaro Sister City Alliance — working together in solidarity with the people of Timor Loro Sae. Last update: 25 November 2002

Merlin in East Timor

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation East Timor

MoJo Wire: The struggle for East Timor

New Zealand Defence Force: Deployment to East Timor – Performance of the Health Support Services


Directory of  International NGOs in East Timor (Opens a pdf file 137 KB, updated August 2004)

Directory of East Timorese NGOs (Opens a pdf file 139 KB, updated September 2004)

Overseas Specialist Surgical Association of Australia. OSSAA is a non-profit, non-political, humanitarian organisation specifically aiming to provide a specialist surgical programme and develop public health initiatives in Eastern Indonesia, East Timor and Papua where access to any surgical care is minimal and surgeons are few. OSSAA was initiated by clinical team members who had travelled to West and East Timor, Flores and Papua (Mimika/Timika) to provide specialist reconstructive surgical services to disadvantaged people, especially children and young adults in the region where the service is not available and cannot be afforded.

Oxfam web page for East Timor

Peace Corp in East Timor

Political books about East Timor

Relief web East Timor

ROMAC Rotary Overseas Medical Aid for Children. The Mission statement of ROMAC is "Reaching Out to Mend All Children". The purpose of ROMAC is to bring children from under developed countries to Australia for the medical operations which will in some cases save their lives, and in some cases restore their bodies and provide them with a dignified life.

Sahe Instiute for Liberation East Timorese popular education and advocacy group. Contact :Nuno Rodriguez and Mateus Goncalves

SOLIDAMOR Solidarity Without Borders. At the initial stage of its existence, SOLIDAMOR was a solidarity organization for self-determination of East Timor people. The organization was established in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 14 July 1998 by several Indonesians coming from different professions, such as journalists, lawyers, clergymen, researchers, NGO activists, women activists, students, etc. Despite its relatively recent appearance, the majority of its founders and management board consisted of those who have long been involved in campaign and advocacy on East Timor in their respective organizations. The main activity of SOLIDAMOR has been directed for the realization of free and just self-determination for East Timor people, which from 7 December 1975 had been under the Indonesian military rule. In order to achieve said objective, SOLIDAMOR launched a campaign on East Timor issue among Indonesia society. For that reason, the approach used in that campaign was Indonesia's point of view, or to "Indonesiansize" the East Timor issue that had been an international issue. This method was taken, because, as its was known to all, for the militarist New Order regime under Soeharto, East Timor was regarded as final. Bahasa and English. Updated 06 March, 2003.

Suarat Timor Lorosae an Indonesian on line news service about Timor Lorosae

Tapol The Indonesia Human Rights Campaign TAPOL - which means political prisoner in Indonesian - is a leading English language authority on the human rights situation in Indonesia and East Timor. Welcome to our website! Regulaly updated. Last 2 March 2003

Tetun language site and Linguistic map of Timor

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria In East Timor the goal is to control malaria morbidity and mortality by 30% by 2005. It is estimated that 150,000 cases of clinical malaria will be averted if the strategies are implemented.

The obscure history of East Timor

Time Magazine East Timor features

Timor: A Travellers' Guide

Timor Agri East Timor agriculture network and virtual library. Agriculture is the main activity in Timor-Leste, providing subsistence to an estimated 80% of the population. It also generates an average of 90% of the exports, mainly due to coffee. Most farmers practice subsistence farming, planting and harvesting what they need for a simple life-style, collecting wild foods and traditional medicines, and the animals are very much left free to grow and reproduce. There are almost no large scale farms except for missions. This website has over 300 document and maps; a wealth of information.

Timor Aid Timor Aid is a highly regarded East Timorese non- governmental aid organisation. Its roots go back many years to the period of struggle for the right of self- determination of the people of East Timor. Timor Aid has among its founders well- known local personalities. Last updated Friday 28th September 2001

Timor Aid - health information

Timor Aid Information Service  A comprehensive web page full of East Timor information.

Timor history and languages

Timor Leste Sun an online newspaper full of East Timor news.

Timorlink We are a Melbourne (Australia) based group, with field workers in East Timor, aiming to establish long-term solidarity links between community groups here in Australia with those in East Timor. Find out more about what individuals and groups can do to establish Timorese self-determination and democracy. Email - Last revised: 28 June, 2001

Timor Lorosa'e Naissance D'une Nation French language site for support of East Timor

Topica East Timor News

Tourist Links

Discover Dili

Harvey World Travel 723 6500, 723 6501, 331 1140  

Lonely Planet

Intrepid Travel

Sojourn on Line: East Timor Travels

Timor Megatours 723 9004

The Unofficial Guide to East Timor

Turismo de Timor-Leste The official tourism website

UNICEF East Timor Page

United Nations Developmental Agency in East Timor

United Nations Development Programme in East Timor

UNIFEM United Nations Development Fund for Women UNIFEM’S program of governance and leadership in East Timor and the Pacific is important in promoting women’s leadership in all sectors, with the goal of giving women an equal voice in shaping the policies that affect their lives and choices. The burden of the protracted struggle in East Timor and the devastation it has caused in terms of economic loss, displacement, physical and emotional abuse have been severe for the East Timorese people, especially women and children. Funds contributed from the 2002 IWD program in Australia are supporting UNIFEM’s work in East Timor with UN partners, government, women’s networks and NGOs to increase the capacity of women to participate in political institutions, to promote women’s perspectives in policy making and to influence the direction of society. UNIFEM Australia is supporting UNIFEM’s programs to Promote Women's Leadership for Peace-building and Gender Justice in East Timor and the Pacific. (January 2005)

UNMILHOSP Web page (June 2000)

United Nations Mission of Support in East Timor (UNISMET) On 20 May 2002, East Timor became an independent country, marking the end of a three-year process towards independence under the guidance of the United Nations. UNMISET was established by the Security Council to provide assistance to East Timor over a period of two years until all operational responsibilities are fully devolved to the East Timor authorities. On 20 May 2002, the new nation also changed its name to Timor-Leste. It became the 191st UN Member State on 27 September 2002. Has a Daily Media Review page. The UNISMET site can also be access by this link.


UN Foundation  - East Timor

Unofficial Guide to East Timor A tourist site

US AID East Timor

VICNET  East Timor Link Page

Violence in East Timor: An Overview A University of Queensland student project summarises conflict in East Timor including the violence around the time of the independence vote.

Volunteering in East Timor   On 17 April, 2003, eighteen of us began a twenty-seven month adventure in Timor Loro Sa'e, the world's newest country. Volunteering with the U.S. Peace Corps, we came to this strife-torn land hoping to be of assistance to the enigmatic people here as they struggle to establish a democracy. This web site comprises a collection of pictures, comments, discussions, letters, and other mementos from our collective experience.

Weather in East Timor

Welcome to East Timor The Community.Com page for East Timor

WHO East Timor

The World Bank in Timor-Leste (East Timor)

World Health Organization vaccination requirements and health advice.

WHO Documents: Situation Reports for Timor Crisis.

Yahoo News on East Timor #1

Yahoo News on East Timor #2

Znet East Timor's Struggle for Independence


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