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Bairo Pite Clinic

Bairo Pite Clinic was founded by Dr. Dan Murphy in 1999. Located in Timor-Leste's capital city of Dili, provides free health care services to the local population. On average, the clinic sees 300 or more patients per day, with a strict policy that everyone must be seen. Originally, the clinic was set up to serve the immediate needs of a population affected by a humanitarian crisis. As the violence has subsided, BPC has adapted and transformed from an emergency medical service to a more comprehensive community health service. Bairo Pite Clinic provides a variety of services, such as childhood immunizations, pre-natal care, dental work, emergency services and seeking diagnosis and treatment for the most serious health problems facing the country including malaria, tuberculosis, dengue fever, leprosy and child mortality.

Dili crisis update

At times like these, BPC needs your help more than ever. Please click here to make a donation.

29 May 2006. The situation in Dili looks as though it is calming down and the needs of the internally displaced are beginning to be addressed. BPC is currently providing food, water and shelter for approximately 600 internally displaced people (IDPs). The BPC ambulance has been going into areas where violence has occurred to collect wounded and get them to treatment. BPC are now coordinating with international NGOs to provide medical care to IDP areas.

Last Thursday, BPC doctors and nurses also assisted Dili National Hospital in the aftermath of the clash between army and police in Caicoli.

27 May 2006. Throughout the recent outbreaks of violence in Dili, Bairo Pite Clinic has continued to operate, providing free health care, treatment for the wounded, and shelter for hundreds of local residents fleeing violence in Bairo Pite neighbourhood.

Maria Soares Campaign

Baby Maria has captured the hearts of Australians following a series of articles published in major Australian newspapers this week. Thanks to the support of the Australian public, this week she will travel the Sydney Childrens Hospital for surgery. The Bairo Pite Clinic is accepting donations to assist with the costs of surgery. Unfornatually the case of Maria is not an isolated occurance, and there are many other patients awaiting life-saving surgery in Australia. Therefore, donations gained above the costs of Maria’s surgery will be used to assist other Timorese patients gain surgery in Australia. For updates on Maria's condition, please see the clinic's latest news. To make a donation to help Maria or another Timorese patient in need, please see the donations page.

To view a photo gallery of Maria and other patients in need of life-saving surgery, click here.

Donate to BPC

The work the Bairo Pite Clinic does would be possible without the charitable donations from people and organizations around the world. Donations enable the Bairo Pite Clinic to fund nurses' salaries, purchase medicines, maintain buildings, and cover other operational costs. To find out how to make a donation, visit the donations page by clicking here. Your contribution can make a huge difference!

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