East Timor Sunrise Inc.

Newsletter No. 7 October 2005

East Timor Sunrise Inc. is an incorporated body under the Northern Territory Associations Incorporation Act.

ABN: 52 189 353 299


Dear Interested Friends

I am honoured to have been elected as President of East Timor Sunrise Inc at the last AGM.

Whilst I have been a member of East Timor Sunrise Inc since its inception as a constitutional organisation, my involvement has extended only to assisting in the loading of containers up to this time.

I would like to pay tribute to your former president Dr Vicki Beaumont, without her dedication and financial support, East Timor Sunrise would be unlikely to exist today.

Dealing with a foreign country for transportation of goods will always have difficulties. There are significant obstacles to be overcome in the continuing aim of East Timor Sunrise Inc to provide assistance to the most needy in East Timorese society.

I look forward to working with your dedicated committee in ensuring that the aims of the association are met with vigour and goodwill. 

Terry McCarthy
East Timor Sunrise Inc. President 


At the Annual General Meeting held in April 2005 the following people were elected to the committee:

President - Terry McCarthy

Vice President - Len Richardson

Secretary - Lynne Bigg

Treasurer - David Roberts

Committee Members - Jenny Atkinson, Steve Bennett and Rod Mc Laren

Alternate Committee Member - Helen Morse-Roberts 


The ambulance fleet operated by Leeuwin Care out of the Bakhita Centre has grown from the back of an open tray truck to 3 designated ambulance vehicles. These have been provided through the generosity of a Darwin business man and the members of the Applecross Rotary Club in Western Australia. Radios are installed in each ambulance and provide a very important communication tool when they are out and about in the mountains of East Timor. 

Leeuwin Care Members - March 2005 Amero making contact with Gleno - October 2005

East Timor Sunrise Inc Thrift Shop 

The East Timor Sunrise Inc Thrift Shop at the old Price Rite/Woolworths supermarket site in Nightcliff continues to trade very well. The profits are enabling East Timor Sunrise Inc to make a difference in the Ermera District in Timor. 

The Thrift Shop is trading 10.00 – 4.00 Friday, 10.00 - 4.00 Saturdays and 8.00 - 5.00 Sundays. 

If you are interested in helping with the mending of some of the clothing items please call into the shop and have a chat with Helen Roberts.

Some of the non-cotton clothing and materials cannot be sold so we are looking for creative ways to recycle them. If you have any suggestions for recycling fabric, particularly fabric with polyester in it please let Helen know. The Thrift Shop is always looking for more stock so drop off your donations at the shop, Friday , Saturday or Sunday. At the back of the shop a Story Board is being prepared. This will show photographs of some of the projects East Timor Sunrise Inc has supported in Timor. When you are in the shop make a point of checking out the Story Board. 

David Roberts
Thrift Shop Manager


Due to the successful trading by the Thrift Shop, East Timor Sunrise Inc has been able to provide financial support in Timor for the following projects:

Construction begins on the Medical Centre early 2005 

Medical Centre almost completed October 2005


In March and October I had the privilege of travelling into the mountains of East Timor to visit some of the schools that had received school desks and stationary sent from Darwin by East Timor Sunrise Inc. and distributed in Timor by Leeuwin Care. Schools in Darwin including Nightcliff High, O’Loughlin College, Nightcliff, Wanguri, Jingili, Leanyer, Wagaman, Nakara, Parap, Millner and Stuart Park Primary Schools and Ludmilla Pre School contributed to the school furniture and supplies that has been delivered to these schools. 

The Junior Red Cross groups at Parap, Leanyer, Palmerston Christian School, Wulagi and Wagaman schools also raised funds to purchase stationary and other consumables for their link schools. The 7 schools I have visited in Timor have been delighted to receive the goods from Darwin. Parents have established some of the schools as they see education as a pathway for the future for their children and their country. 

The teachers expressed their desire to have a chair for every student, then stationary, followed by sports equipment and musical instruments. - Please keep the desks and chairs rolling in as they are needed and valued.

Old desks taken out.... ....and replaced with new desks.  Children displaying their new books 

Lynne Bigg - Bib Alin Relationship Program Coordinator


If you would like to help in the preparation of Christmas Gifts for children in Timor please contact Lynne at biggmob@bigpond.com to register your interest. Last Christmas over 300 Christmas Gifts were prepared by children from Jingili and Leanyer Primary Schools and distributed to underprivileged children in Dili. 


It is time to update the membership list and mailing list. To date we have only kept a mailing list, but now we must have a membership list and a separate mailing list.  At this point in time there is no joining fee, but everyone is encouraged to make a donation when they are able. If you want to be listed as a member of East Timor Sunrise Inc please cut and paste these details and return them to the Secretary return email. (Lynne at biggmob@bigpond.com)

Title:              First name:                             Surname:                                                    
Telephone:                            FAX:                                       
Postal Address:                                                                                                              
What you can offer East Timor:                                                                                        


As per the Constitution of East Timor Sunrise Inc.:

The basic aim of the Association is, through Christian ecumenical co-operation in the Northern Territory, to aid in the alleviation of poverty and help the people of East Timor in the development of their country.

The Association may: 

Membership of the Association is open to any person who accepts the aims, objects and purposes of the Association. The person must complete a form prescribed by the committee giving his/her name, address and other relevant details and tendering the membership subscription.

1) Upon receipt of an application made under sub-rule (a), the secretary shall enter the person’s name in the membership register and the person thereupon becomes a member.

2) A member of the Association may, at any time, resign from the Association by delivering or sending by post to the secretary a written notice of resignation.

3) Upon receipt of a notice under sub-rule (f) of this rule, the secretary shall remove the name of the member by whom the notice was given from the register of members, whereupon that member ceases to be a member of the Association.

4) A right, privilege, or obligation of a person by virtue of their membership of the Association –

a. is not capable of being transferred or transmitted to another person; and

b. terminates upon the cessation of their membership, whether by death, resignation, or otherwise.

5) Members are not to be liable to contribute towards payment of liabilities of the Association on a winding up.


PO Box 2154, PARAP, Northern Territory, Australia 0804 

Telephone - 08 8981 2612 or 08 8988 2082

Email: biggmob@bigpond.com

President - Terry McCarthy

Vice President - Len Richardson

Secretary - Lynne Bigg

Treasurer - David Roberts

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On behalf of East Timor Sunrise Inc. December 2005

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