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Newsletter No. 5 November 2004

East Timor Sunrise Inc. is an incorporated body under the Northern Territory Associations Incorporation Act.


Dear Interested Friends

We have had a busy time lately. 

On 4 September we packed 2 shipping containers in 2 locations.

More schools in the Territory have become involved in the Bin Alin Relationship Program 

Our network of contacts is constantly expanding. We continue to receive enquiries and donations from all around Australia.

East Timor Sunrise Inc is now linked to the website of the Bairo Pite Clinic in Dili. This has led to even more enquiries. This website can be viewed at http://www.bairopiteclinic.tripod.com/sunrise. Leeuwin Care, our arm in East Timor, currently has a website under construction. You can view this at http://www.bakhita.org/index.htm.

Our group continues to specialise in the following way:

We continue to thank you for your interest, support and encouragement. We continue to acknowledge God’s blessings, protection, strength and joy in our work. Kindest regards

Vicki Beaumont


Amazing things have been happening. On Sunday 21 November the East Timor Sunrise Inc Thrift Shop will open its doors at the old Price Rite/Woolworths supermarket site in Nightcliff. Everyone is welcome to drop in and support the Thrift Shop. The proceeds will help pay for the cost of shipping in the first instance. You can now drop off your donations at the Thrift Shop at your convenience.


East Timor Sunrise Inc would like to acknowledge the generosity of SIL in making the storage facilities available for use for such an extended period of time. Without this support the work of sending donated goods into East Timor would have been very difficult.


The container we packed at SIL in September was the last container to be packed at SIL.  This complex is on the market to be sold.   All future containers will be packed from the Darwin City Council storage shed at the Leanyer Depot.   All goods stored there have to be packed in well taped, labelled boxes, ready for shipment.  If you are available to help pack goods during the week or on the weekends please call Maree on 8985 4064 - Monday to Friday  - 08.15 – 12.00 hours. 


The Soroptimist International Club on the Gold Coast in Queensland has donated $60,000.00 worth of brand new school uniforms to the children of East Timor.  The 52 boxes of goods were trucked to Darwin in mid October. They are now stored in the Leanyer shed and will be sent to Timor in the next set of containers.


Since East Timor Sunrise Inc first began shipping goods to East Timor many local schools have donated school furniture.  The schools in East Timor will never have enough. A special thank you to the following schools for their donations: Catholic Education Office, Parap Primary, Nightcliff High, Nightcliff Primary, Nakara, Stuart Park Primary, Jingili Primary, Leanyer Primary and O’Loughlin College.

These photographs show desks and chairs being packed into the container bound for East Timor on 4 September 2004.


A golden opportunity exists to make your trash into treasure this Christmas. If you have a connection with a school please encourage the end of year clean up at school to become a recycling drive for the school children of East Timor, rather than a wasteful load for the tip. As teachers and students clean out their desks and classrooms consider the children who have only limited school supplies. Here is a suggested list of materials that can be recycled. If you are not sure about any items please contact Lynne (8981 2612).

A4 plastic sleeves

All manner of office equipment and furniture

Art supplies



Cardboard off cuts

Cards – all sorts (Christmas/birthday)



Clip boards




Drawing pins

Filing cabinets


Geometry and drawing instruments


Gym mats

Paint brushes

Paint pots


Paper used on one side


Rolls of paper


School uniforms

Science equipment



Sports equipment

Stackable files

Staplers and staples

Used exercise books (please remove used pages)

White boards

Wrapping paper – all types

All the goods need to be firmly packed into cardboard boxes and completely sealed with masking tape and clearly marked recycled school supplies.  Please call Maree at Vicki’s surgery - 08) 8985 4064, 8.15am – 12 noon,    Monday to Friday to arrange a time to deliver the goods.


Two Darwin schools, Jingili Primary and Leanyer Primary have spontaneously started a Christmas Shoe Box Gift at their respective schools for the children of East Timor. It is a voluntary program and students are invited to prepare a shoe box that contains items suitable for a child of a particular age/sex. These gifts will be sent to the children in Timor.  At the time of printing, Jingili Primary  had set a target of 120 boxes and the coordinating teacher has been thrilled by the response from the students.


David Roberts has just returned from a 1-week visit to Eraulo.  He was invited to conduct an audit of the Leeuwin Care books.


Work began on the construction of a Medical Centre at Eraulo, some months ago. It is being constructed below the Bakhita Centre.  Unfortunately, there have been many delays that have prevented the completion of the construction. One of the biggest problems has been getting materials through the port of Dili. Just 2 weeks ago we received word that the roofing iron had finally been cleared and was delivered to Eraulo. Construction on the Medical Centre has finally recommenced. A group of doctors from Victoria anticipate they will be able to staff the Centre on a rotation.  This is very exciting news for this area as access to medical facilities are very limited.


A Dental Clinic is now up and running at Eraulo.  This clinic is staffed by dentists, primarily from Western Australia. They travel to Eraulo and staff the Clinic on a rotation basis. 


The Bib Alin Relationship Program is generating a lot of interest.  This is a schools program where a school in Australia is connected with a school in East Timor. The program outcomes include:

Millner (linked with Eraulo School) was the first school to join the program. Jingili wants to join the program next year. The Junior Red Cross Group in Darwin has also adopted this program and has it running in the following schools: Leanyer (linked to Olpana School), Driver (linked to Ducarai School), Parap (linked to Humboe School) Palmerston Christian School and Humpty Doo are currently waiting for schools to be identified in East Timor, and Wulagi/Holy Spirit and Alawa are hoping to come on line soon.

Millner sent goods to Eraulo Primary School in the container that was packed in July. The goods the children purchased through the Junior Red Cross Program were packed into the containers that were packed in September. These goods were going to Humboe and Olpana Primary Schools. We have received calls from interstate asking for information about the program so 2005 will be an interesting year. Time is the only problem as everything moves very slowly, especially in Timor at the moment. The following article appeared in the September Newsletter of the Northern Territory Red Cross. It is reprinted here with permission. 

NT Division Patron Ms Nerys Evans hands over a certificate of appreciation to Leanyer Primary school students Lachlan Michell  and Sean Kennedy

For the past  term, Junior Red Cross groups around Darwin have been fundraising for their Bin Alin (Sister) schools in East Timor. On the 4 September a shipment was sent over by the East Timor Sunrise Foundation which contained stationery purchased by the Parap Primary School groups and the Leanyer Primary school group. A total of $728.10 was raised by these very enthusiastic groups and enough stationery was purchased to supply their sister schools for a whole year. The Administrator Ted Egan and the Australian Red Cross NT Division Patron Nerys Evans attended the handover of money from Leanyer Primary School Junior Red Cross to Dr Vicki Beaumont of the East Timor Sunrise foundation.


The mailing list for East Timor Sunrise Inc. is about to be updated.   If you do not want to continue to receive the newsletters and information from East Timor Sunrise Inc. please reply by return email to Lynne. Your name will then be removed from the current mailing list.


The cost of shipping one container from Darwin to East Timor is in the vicinity of $1,800 per container. East Timor Sunrise Inc depends on your generosity to raise funds. If you are involved with an organisation or group, which may like to raise some money to help with the cost of shipping containers, please contact us. We have speakers who are available to visit you to answer your questions and supply information. 


East Timor Sunrise Incorporated
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Northern Territory, Australia 0810

Fax - 08 8948 2648 – (all hours) 

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Telephone - Monday to Friday - 08 8985 4064 (08.15 – 12.00 hours)

President 2004-2005 - Vicki Beaumont

Secretary 2004-2005 - Lynne Bigg

Treasurer 2004-2005 - David Roberts

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On behalf of East Timor Sunrise Inc. November 2004

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