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Newsletter No 4 June 2004

East Timor Sunrise Inc. is an incorporated body under the Northern Territory Associations Incorporation Act.


Dear Interested Friends

God is good.

We have had an amazing year. The generosity of the human spirit never ceases to amaze me. The “thank you” list is endless but I would like to thank everyone who has contributed time, energy, financial resources, transport, goods and knowledge, the Opportunity shops in Darwin and the Rural Area for the generous donations of goods, and the Darwin City Council that has made available storage space in Leanyer. Collectively, these have had a significant impact on the work of East Timor Sunrise Inc. during 2003. 

We are always in need of donated goods. An updated list of goods is included within this newsletter.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed towards the financial needs for 2003. The cost of shipping containers to Timor is very expensive. You might consider raising some money to help with the costs of the organisation.

Kindest regards

Vicki Beaumont


A communication system for the people in the mountains

Following a long period of discussion and negotiation with Leeuwin Care, the Health and the Police Departments in Dili, the United Nations and the Communications Company working in East Timor, a solution was reached on the most appropriate form of communication system suitable for the people in the Emera District. The system that is to be purchased is compatible with the system used by the Police and the Health Departments. This means that for the first time the people in the mountains will have a reliable means of communication beyond walking and driving a car. $10.000.00 will make this communication system a reality. All donations towards the purchase of this vital communication system will be appreciated. 

Bin Alin Relationship Program


The Eraulo School linked with Millner School

The Bin Alin Relationship Program is a sister school relationship program that Leeuwin Care and East Timor Sunrise Inc are developing, between schools in East Timor (currently in the Emera District) and Australia (currently Darwin). This program is not associated with any other sister or friendship schools programs operating in East Timor. The name Bin Alin comes from the people in the Emero District of East Timor. It means developing good relationships with another school.

The Eraulo Primary School East Timor and Millner School Darwin are the first schools to be linked in the Bin Alin Program. The second set of schools include the Junior Red Cross groups from Leanyer and Humpty Doo Primary Schools being linked with the Olpana School (a three hours walk from the main road, Eraulo and the Saint Bakhita Centre), Leksala and Lebluli (both schools are considered out stations for the Central Olpana School).

If you are involved in a school that would like to participate in the Bib Alin Relationship Program please contact the Secretary, Lynne Bigg for more information. 


The Olpana School that is linked to Leanyer Primary


The Darwin City Council has made a storage shed at the Leanyer Depot available to East Timor Sunrise Inc.. All goods stored there have to be packed in well taped, labelled boxes, ready for shipment. This will make packing the containers much easier. If you are available to help pack goods during the week or on the weekends please call Maree on 8985 4064 - Monday, Wednesday or Friday - 08.15 – 12.00 hours.


At the Annual General Meeting the committee for 2004-2005 was elected. The members of the Committee for 2004-2005 are :

President: Vicki Beaumount

Vice President: Len Richardson

Secretary: Lynne Bigg.

Treasurer: David Roberts.

Committee Members: Melody Miranda, David Neijalke, Helen Roberts, Jenny Atkinson

If you would like to come along to a Committee Meeting you are welcome. The Committee usually meets on the first Friday of each month at 5.45pm at the Cool Spot in Fannie Bay. It is advisable to check the meeting date with the Secretary before you attend, jut to make sure there has not been a meeting date change. 



Through the generosity of the Rotary, Thrifty Rent a Car and the Catholic Church, 2 much needed vehicles have been donated to Leeuwin Care for use as ambulances. This means that very ill people no longer have to be transported in the back of an open tray truck.

Mr Paul White, the Commissioner of Police Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Service donated the flashing lights and sirens for these vehicles. Air Express and Air North generously delivered them to Dili. 

A special thank you to all who helped get these pieces of equipment to Dili and have them fitted to the vehicles. 

A special Blessing Service for the vehicles was held at the Bakhita Centre in May. Eddie De Pina reports that the vehicles are constantly in use and providing a vital service to the people living in the mountains.

Community Facilities

The Bakhita Community Centre continues to run classes in sewing, English and computer skills. 

The Dental Clinic is now functioning. Dentists from Western Australia staff the Dental Clinic on a rotation basis.

The Medical Centre is almost ready for use. Some Australian Rotary Clubs have been instrumental in supplying the necessary building materials and equipment for this Centre.

Support from Dr Jose Ramos Horta 

East Timor Sunrise Inc has received a letter from Dr Jose Ramos Horta acknowledging the support given to Leeuwin Care by East Timor Sunrise Inc. Eddie de Pina has reported back to East Timor Sunrise Inc that on Dr Jose Ramos Horta’s most recent visit to Erualo he was most impressed with what had been achieved in the area, with the people from the mountains working with the people from Australia to help rebuild this area of the country.


Packing Boxes

Have you ever wondered how many cardboard cartons are required to fill one shipping container? A quick glance over the shipping inventories for the containers that have been sent to Dili show that over 1500 cardboard boxex have been used to pack goods into. While a variety of goods are included in each container, the record number of cardboard cartons to be packed, to date, into one shipping container is 390 cartons. This was in one of the most recent containers shipped to Dili.

Have you ever wondered where all the cardboard cartons come from? A special thanks have to go to Rick and Tracey Hansen. They collect all the cardboards cartons from Zelow’s Hangbag Shop at Casuarina to ensure we always have a good supply of cartons available for packing.


Although East Timor Sunrise Inc. was not formed initially as a fund raising organisation, it has, nevertheless, found itself in a position whereby quite a large amount of funds has been, and will be, required, on a continuing basis.

Due to the generosity of a number of organisations and individuals, a large amount of goods has been donated for forwarding to East Timor, and, more particularly, the Bakhita Centre, Eraulo. Due to the generous assistance of Christopher Cook something like 300 kilos of clothing etc., has been transported to Darwin from Queensland and South Australia at no cost to Sunrise. However, these goods, together with an enormous amount of goods collected and donated from here in Darwin now has to be packed into containers and forwarded to East Timor.

The cost of shipping is in the vicinity of $1,800 per container.

For the reasons stated earlier we have virtually no monies in hand at the present to handle these sort of costs. The executive has agreed that this matter should be brought to the attention of friends with the view to raising the thousands of dollars needed. The treasurer and his wife have recently returned from a short holiday in Queensland and have been promised assistance from interested friends in the mining town of Tieri who are looking to organise some fund raising functions for this purpose.

If you are involved with an organisation or group which may like to receive more information about what East Timor Sunrise is all about please contact us since we have speakers available to visit you to supply information and answer questions. Please consider seriously your situation and give assistance as you see fit.  


East Timor Sunrise Incorporated 
6 Quandong Crescent, Nightcliff 
Northern Territory, Australia 0810

Fax - 08 8948 2648 – (all hours) 

Email: biggmob@bigpond.com

Telephone - Monday to Friday - 08 8985 4064 (08.15 – 12.00 hours)

President 2004-2005 - Vicki Beaumont

Secretary 2004-2005 - Lynne Bigg

Treasurer 2004-2005 - David Roberts

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On behalf of East Timor Sunrise Inc. July 2004

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