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Bairo Pite Clinic

Donating Drugs to BPC

bringing Medication into Timor Leste

If you intend to bring donations with you, check what the clinic needs first. Don’t take obscure books, non-compatible or broken equipment etc. You will need several completed authorisations to import medication and other supplies for the clinic and copies of the completed paperwork must accompany the goods. For more details, please email the clinic.

Please read the following documents before bringing any medication into Timor Leste.

Guidelines for Drug Donations for Timor Leste (pdf document 71 KB)
Essential Medicine Lists for Timor Leste (pdf document 224 KB)
Customs Declaration Forms (pdf document 62 KB)

It is a very involved process bring medication into the country so you need to ensure that the medication will be useful. If you are uncertain contact BPC prior to bring anything in. Remember you should declare any goods imported into East Timor.

For more information on drug donations, inappropriate donations, and for a personal tale involving an entire container of donated drugs, read the information sheet by Dr. Mark Raines, here.



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